Please be advised that system maintenance will be completed Wednesday, July 17, from 7:00 pm NDT to 9:00 pm NDT on the Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile application. Users who are outside of NL Health Services Hospital Network and require 2-factor authentication to log in will be unable to access HEALTHe NL during this time.

To obtain support for HEALTHe NL, please contact your local Regional Health Zone Service Desk

HEALTHe NL is the Province's electronic health record, and as such, it provides additional information to you at the point of care. HEALTHe NL consolidates information from a variety of source systems across the province. While continuing efforts are applied to ensure accuracy and completeness, HEALTHe NL is not an exhaustive source of information. Patient data may exist in other Regional Health Zones, community health, private clinics or pharmacy databases. All pharmacies in the province are now connected to the Pharmacy Network.

Personal health information accessed through HEALTHe NL must be used in accordance with legislation, such as the Personal Health Information Act, applicable codes of conduct, user agreements, and organizational policies and procedures. Access to the information contained in HEALTHe NL is subject to audit and inappropriate access will be investigated and may lead to withdrawal of access to HEALTHe NL and/or other sanctions as appropriate.